February 18, 2022

Connect Wallet to Polygon (MATIC) Network

Connect your Metamask wallet to different chains

  • Visit and connect your wallet to the website by pressing “connect wallet” button on the top right-hand corner
  • Search for the network/chain you wish to connect to such as Polygon Mainnet and press “Connect Wallet” or “Add To Metamask”
  • Approve and sign prompts in your wallet
  • After adding a network to your metamask wallet, you need to ensure you are on the correct network whenever interacting with any sort of dapp or website.
  • 3GI's fund is headquartered on the Polygon network, meaning that you need to make sure you are on the polygon network and that your funds are on the correct network when you want to make the transfer to the 3GI Fund Wallet

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Anas Akkad

Property investor & developer, manager of oil drilling company with over $80 million in annual revenue, and founded multiple side gigs in Web2 marketplaces and D2C Ecommerce. Holder of Bitcoin since 2013 and active crypto investor over the past year. Holds a degree in Finance from American University of Beirut.

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