We are on a mission to democratize investment funds

A team of Web3 enthusiasts

Anas, Rami and Saeb are passionate about tech and big believers in the decentralized blockchain. Our backgrounds include a diverse set of profiles ranging from management consulting, to big tech and startups, to oil & gas and real estate, to venture capital investment - giving us a well rounded, unbiased, multi-disciplinary approach to investment strategies and the way we see blockchain technology evolving.

We are not into gambling or technical analysis - we are mainly data-driven fundamental investors who spend hours of research developing a big understanding of the utility behind each project, the team behind it and the market size potential. We then make a call based on those variables along with where that project fits within its competitors and the industry overall. Any investment requires 100% consensus among all three partners.

Flexible and Liquid

Investors can liquidate their holdings at any moment without any lengthy lockup periods

Asymmetrical Risk-Return

Our strategy is designed with a well-balanced approach to hedge risk and amplify returns.


The minimum investment amount of only $5,000 makes it an affordable option for most investors.

A new era of crypto investments has arrived

To unleash the power of Web3, our long term plan is to decentralize the fund by switching into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization Model, in which investors are given the choice to lock in their investments in return for a governance token that also entitles them for a share of the performance fees charged by the fund. We are still working out the tokenomics of the DAO and will be updating all investors on any major developments.

The values that drive our company

We don't try to predict the market's highs and lows. We invest in assets that create value

Long Term Investment Horizon

We operate on a long term investment horizon, using fundamental and utility based investment strategies

Ultra Strong Conviction

We only invest in assets in which all fund managers have a strong conviction on

Security Comes First

We take extra measures that ensures the safety of your funds and minimize any risk of loss

Calculated Risk

We are considered mid-level risk fund as we are exposed to assets of various risk levels

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Meet the team

A team of Web3 enthusiasts, passionate about tech and big believers in the decentralized blockchain

Anas Akkad
Founding & Managing Partner
Rami Baassiri
Founding Partner
Saeb Nahas
Founding Partner

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