Don't get left behind, join the Web 3 revolution today

3GI Ventures is a crypto hedge fund capitalizing on the Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) space with early momentum plays and risk-hedging strategies.

Why is 3GI for you?

Competitive Returns

Our well diversified value-focused investment strategy aims to deliver superior returns that strives to beat benchmark indicies

Long Term

At 3GI, we believe in long-term investing. We acknowledge that it's impossible to accurately predict day to day market movements but it is possible to evaluate protocols over a long-term time horizon

Data Driven 

We analyze on-chain metrics, market structure, user growth & adoption rates, protocol revenues and various other evaluation methods in our approach in identifying tokens to invest in

Risk Management

Our portfolio allocation is constructed in a way that offers exposure to all levels of risk with the aim of optimizing risk reward ratio to achieve high returns. We never trade on leverage

Extra Layer of Security

Funds are kept in a multi-sig safe that requires signatures from multiple accounts for each transaction the fund executes. We use Gnosis Safe wallet which has over $107 billion worth of assets stored

Productive Assets

When suitable, we put your assets to work by deploying low risk DeFi strategies such as yield farming, staking and providing liquidity to protocols such as Decentralized Exchanges to earn a share of their trading fees

How it works

3GI is an on-chain fund meaning all transactions  occur on the blockchain and are reflected on the distributed public ledger.

25% Performance Fee

We only charge a performance fee that is 25% of profits achieved at the time the investor wishes to exit

0% Management Fees

We do not charge any fees to open, maintain or manage your account. 


A minimum amount of $5,000 is required to join our fund. 

Flexible & Liquid

Investors can join or exit at any time with only a 1 week notice period

Meet The Team

A team of Web3 enthusiasts, passionate about tech and big believers in the decentralized blockchain

Property investor & developer, manager of oil drilling company with over $80 million in annual revenue, and founded multiple side gigs in Web2 marketplaces and D2C Ecommerce. Holder of Bitcoin since 2013 and active crypto investor over the past year with over 10x return. Holds a degree in Finance from American University of Beirut.

Ex-consultant with Mckinsey, venture capitalist in MENA launching an early stage fund in 2016 and investing in over 20 companies. Startup operator since 2021 launching a beauty e-commerce business from scratch and having gone through a failure and pivot. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut.

Managed Operations at Uber in GCC, launched cloud kitchens in Dubai, Riyadh & Kuwait. Currently CCO at a FoodTech startup in Eastern Europe. Holder of Crypto for the past 5 years. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the American University of Beirut.

Partner with us

Investors who help bring in new clients for the fund will be compensated by receiving 5% of the profits of the investors they brought in, paid at the time the investor exits

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my crypto assets safe while investing?

If you are new to crypto, we will guide you through the safety measures you can take to keep your wallet and funds safe and ensure you avoid mistakes that could potentially lock you out

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Our fund is open to all investors of any size. We do not have a minimum ticket size which means you can invest in our fund for as little to as much an amount you wish

Can I monitor my investments on an app?

Go to Dashboard on the menu of the website and you will see the total value of the funds holdings. We will be sending investors a biannual report to update them on progress

What are 3GI Tokens?

Upon investing with us, you will receive a certain amount of  3GI tokens. These tokens represent your share of ownership in the funds assets & are required for redeeming your investment

How can I join the referral program?

If you are an existing investor and would like to join the referral program, all you have to do is inform us beforehand about any potential client you may bring in & make the introduction

How can I redeem my investment?

You need to inform us about your intention to exit the fund and then transfer your 3GI tokens back to the fund after which you will receive your money with profits less fees after lockup period